Navigating App- Patients

Send Request

Enter all the required information in this section. Be as specific as possible when explaining your main concerns (Chief Complaint). Also, add any important information in the "Other relevant information" box OR ask specific questions you would like answered. 

Upload Images

In this section you will add your images. For each required image there is an example photo and description. You can either take the photos while using the App or if you have the photos saved in your phone you can retrieve them from your photo gallery. 

Example of required image

This is a screenshot of an example photo you will be taking and submitting. The images you take should be clear with adequate lighting. 

Adding records from an Orthodontic consultation

If you have already seen an Orthodontist, but, would like the opinions of several Orthodontists take a photo of your Orthodontic template and/or X-rays and submit these rather than taking your own photos. 

Selecting Doctor(s)

Search the City you live in and find our partner Orthodontists. Select the doctors you would like to submit to. Only 2 doctors per submission to dissuade users from submitting to every Orthodontist in the City and overwhelming them. 

Doctor Review

Once the doctor reviews your submission. If your information and photos are clear and accurate the doctor will submit the following information to you: Diagnostic review, Treatment Plan(s), Appliances, Treatment duration, Treatment cost, and additional information that you may have requested.  

Navigating App- Orthodontists

Patient Request

Once a Patient Request is available for you to review you will receive a notification on your phone. The Patient's information is simple, concise and describes why they are seeking Orthodontic treatment. 

Patient Images

Their images will appear for you to study. These images will include 3 facial photos and 5 intra-oral photos. If a patient has seen an Orthodontist they may submit records they received from that office (ie. Photo template and/or radiographs).

Doctor Review

Your review will include the following information: Diagnostic review, Treatment Plan(s), Appliances, Treatment duration, fees, and any additional information you wish to add. If a patient's submission lacks information or quality or their needs are too difficult to evaluate you may explain this to them and even request they call your office to set up an appointment. 


Will the Orthodontist ALWAYS provide an accurate cost of treatment?

No. Sometimes the submitted records are misleading or the quality does not allow for a proper evaluation. Also, sometimes the patient needs to physically see an Orthodontist for an accurate assessment due to severe bite problems that require more detailed and thorough investigating. 

However, this App is designed to help patients get an understanding of their Orthodontic needs as well as estimates of cost and time for their treatment. This App encourages doctors to provide an honest review so that you are truly educated of your options. 

Who can use this App?

This App is designed for anyone interested in Orthodontic treatment. But, users under the age of 18 are encouraged to use this App with a parent/guardian. 

What if I have a hard time taking these photos?

We recommend that you try your best to submit accurate photos so that your selected Orthodontists can give you a detailed review including an estimated treatment time and cost. However, if you are really struggling we recommend that you ask your dentist to take the photos for you using your Smartphone or simply meet an Orthodontist. If you wish to have multiple opinions use the records from this Orthodontist and submit them to other doctors. 

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