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Orthoconnex is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store 

What is Orthoconnex?

Orthoconnex is an App that allows users to snap photos of their smile and teeth and send this information to nearby Orthodontists for an estimated cost, duration and treatment plan.

How does it work? 3 Easy steps...

1) Download the Orthoconnex App

The Orthoconnex App can be found here:    

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

2) Take your photos, as described in the App

Fill out a quick questionnaire and take several photos of your smile and teeth. Be sure not to photograph your entire face to ensure your privacy. If you've seen an Orthodontist you can also take photos of your records (and x-rays) and submit this for a "second opinion". 

3) Select and send to Orthodontists in your area and await their response

The Orthodontist(s) will review your questionnaire and photos. Through the App they will provide you with an estimated treatment cost, duration and plan. Please remember their response is just an estimate; not a binding contract. 

Why use orthoconnex?



Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could have an Orthodontic consult without missing school or work? With the Orthoconnex App you simply describe why you are interested in orthodontic treatment, take several selfies of your face and teeth, and send this information to your choice of Orthodontists around you. Without having to step foot in an Orthodontic office you will receive a problem list, treatment options, an estimated duration of treatment, and the cost of the treatment. With the opinions of several Orthodontists you can make an educated selection as to who you want to work with.  

If you are scheduled to see your dentist, download the App on your smartphone and ask your dentist to assist you with your submission.

Multiple opinions

If you have already seen an Orthodontist and would like a second or third, or tenth opinion, simply use our App to snap photos of your orthodontic records and send them to your choice of Orthodontists to get their opinion including the treatment plan, duration of treatment and cost of treatment.

**some patients may need to see an Orthodontist for a more thorough evaluation (due to a lack of information such as missing teeth, periodontal bone loss, severe jaw problems)  



Performing your consultations with your smartphone will allow you to connect with more patients than you could physically see in your office. Let's provide our patients with a service that will save them time and money. 

Case-start predictability

Communicating with your patients through the Orthoconnex App will educate them on your practice philosophy prepping them before they come to your office. When they take the next step to schedule an appointment with you it's because they are ready to proceed. 

A demo of Orthoconnex

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